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helping-others-muhammed-mudassirThe power of these 5 words can be overwhelming , i always cringe a little when someone says they are proud of me , but they are very healing words , words that can give that one little shove to do the right thing. To keep on track , to become whole again. When i realised that these words had such a healing effect on me i started to tell other people that i am proud of them. Proud of who they are , proud of them because it’s not easy , this life , what we have to go through and that we are able to stick to the Path.

Pride has a negative connonation in the layman world but pride can very often not be owned yet easily given , as such it’s a part of training people , raising children and a essential part of training.

Encouragement is telling people you believe in them , that you are there for them , that there is progress even in failure. Showing people you care makes them stronger. Telling them you believe in them makes them aware that there is hope , even in the most grimm of circumstances. I sometimes write to people just to tell them that i see their struggle and that i believe in them. Tell them i am here. I praise their accomplishments in public , letting people know that what that person is doing is valuable to me.  That it matters that they are in my life and i hope they learn to encourage others as well.

So , how do you encourage others , how do you make people feel worthwhile ?  When did you last tell someone “I am proud of you” ? I know that people telling me this has made a world of difference.

art: Helping others by Muhammed Muhasir

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