Isolation and the Jedi

Edward Hopper Urban lonelinessWe live in difficult times where we cannot meet in person these days and I have said it before and i will say it again , touch deprivation is a thing , and now we are forced to keep a distance of at least 6 feet we see how this Social Distancing is wearing some of us down. Not being able to touch or even hug your loved ones. 

art by Edward Hopper -Urban Loneliness

Only talking on the phone or videochat even the most inward people are struggling at the moment and we need to hold each other in our hearts and minds. These are not easy times but as Jedi , we know we grow during trial and thrive when others shut down. 

On the internet i see people reaching out and helping each other , being there for eachother. Being there for other people is not only a Jedi thing but an essential part of being a decent human being. So what can you do when you cannot touch the person you love ? Visit your Nana and Grandad ? Or even something trivial as going down the pub for a beer with your mates?

Well first of all , you take good care of yourself .  Meditate , alone or with others. Reflect and discuss your worries with your peers. Try to do work outs , eat healthy. Try to help out in your community , doing groceries for the vulnerable , walk their dogs. There are countless opportunities to help others and being of service in these difficult times. 

As i am writing this , we are the epicentre of the infection here in the Netherlands and meanwhile its spreading over the US and the rest of the world. I see a lot of panic , worries and grief for lost ones. It is our  choice as Jedi to either help out or hide , it’s our choice to make this time valuable or wait till it passes , neither will be judged by me. Because it’s not my place to judge. 

In the meantime , i will hold you all in my meditations , mind , and heart. May the Force be with you all and remember ” This too shall pass” 

Jedi Serenity Amyntas 



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