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Despair yet Hope | Ways of the Force

” You need to find a new direction for your life, something new to hang your hope on to continue living. And most of the time that thing is you. At that junction in life you will need to believe … Continue reading

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Journey through time|Ways of the Force

By J.L. Spinner My journey  has had such an amazing effect on who I am and how I live my life. There have been so many paradigm shifts and “Aha!” moments in my time here. More so than I could … Continue reading

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Meditation and Depression Observational Technique by ~Aurora

I have severe depression, Schizoaffective Bi Polar type with rapid cycling also Social Communication Disorder. I am on medication and it is important, but another pillar is meditation. When pain starts the key is to detach and observe. Consider why … Continue reading

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“You must learn the Ways of the Force” Obi Wan Kenobi

Sometimes we cannot predict where the Force will lead us , we stray , come back to our roots , but what we do know is that the Force is not a still , the Force moves , keeps everything … Continue reading

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Showing Support When It Matters

 by Serenity “If we don’t stand up for others, who will be left to stand up for us?” – Karen Traviss, author In my time as a Jedi there have been people who defended me, even if i was the … Continue reading

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Time Elasticity

by Streen I like the old saying, “A watched pot never boils.”  Or as I prefer to say, “a watched clock never ticks.”  In other words, our awareness of time tends to slow it down.  That’s why people say, “Time … Continue reading

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Doubt and the Force

by Serenity We all have doubts. We doubt ourselves our surroundings and our path.  I don’t know one person that didn’t have doubts about the path they were following.  I don’t think that if you have doubts that you don’t trust in the Force. … Continue reading

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