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forgedA Jedi is “Forged by Fire”. I was doing some studying in the fandom world of Star Trek and their Starfleet, which I love just as much as I do Star Wars and its Jedi. Star Trek like the Jedi has some incredible online resource to help us become the best we can be. One of those things lead me to this topic and I will the resource links. The links in themselves will not help you much, until you think about the real subject of this article, as I am about to expound on. I would not be surprised if someone does take it upon themselves to dive deeper in to the subject to write a more in depth article in addition to this. (More power to them).

There are many processes that we have to go through in this life. Each one is suppose to make us better, stronger, smarter, and healthier. Among those is school – Age 4 or 5 to about age 18 , to get out of High schools and then off to College. Then there is the “school of Hard Knocks – Life experiences, “don’t touch that hot pan Johnny you will get burnt, then Johnny touches the hot pan, only to find that he should have listened.Then there are life application lessons, learning to mow the lawn, wash dishes or your clothes, learning to swim, dig a ditch; or job training for a certain type of work.  Everyday life, dealing with the death,loss are important live events that we need to learn to handle., so is learning to deal with disappointment. And off course there are times when everything seems to be going wrong, you cannot do anything right, the whole world is against you, and it never seems to get better. You have to learn to deal with this.

Which brings me to social behaviors (politeness, love, respect, how to get a job, etc). Responsibility – caring for a pet, your family, doing your job well, paying bills on time, time management and  much more. We cultivate social skills to get through life.

This is what is known as being pruned, like a tree; going through the purification process, like gold or silver to get the impurities out of it: or as a Blacksmith making a knife or sword to hone and strengthen the metal to withstand the use it will be used for in the days ahead. Everything you go through in this life is preparing for the next test, trial, problem, headache, of issue you have to deal with. Each thing prepares you, purifies you, and strengthens you to be better than you were before.  The person that goes through these things, successfully, can hold their head up high, because they have been through the Fires of testing, purification and strengthening, and have emerged a True Jedi, Jedi Knight, or even a Jedi Master.

The 1st link is the main one, but it mentions another term that I am providing 2 additional links. However, there are 2 links that are listed. That suggests Trial by combat in a way that is un-Jedi like. It more like the ways of the Dark Jedi or the Sith (possibly the Grey or Shadow Jedi) and that is talking about the Blood Oath. A True Jedi should not follow the Path of the Blood Oath a path of Vengeance. Vengeance is never the right path.

Vengeance is emotion that has gone uncontrolled and turned into raw hatred. Hatred will make you do things that you normally would not and more than likely regret for the rest of your life. Vengeance can take a good person and turn them into a monster. (For example: In the Star Wars Movies – Anakin Skywalker, for killing his mother. That put him on the path to the dark side which later he killed all the children in the Jedi Temple and sought to kill all the Jedi, period. And tried to take over the Galaxy and possibly even more)

Author wishes to remain anonymous 🙂

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