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How to create your own meditation space

If you have no meditation space you can lay down in your bed and meditate. Sometimes the best decoration around you is nature itself. If you can get to a park or somewhere near water it can be very serene. … Continue reading

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Keep your eye on the ball Jedi | Ways of the Force

As Jedi , we do the best we can , we try to excel in the things we do , we study we practice so why then is it so hard to keep our eye on the ball , why … Continue reading

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Dogma and the Force | Ways of the Force

As a forever student of the Force and it’s ways i have to wonder sometimes , i have browsed many websites about the Jedi way , and everyone had their own rules , creeds , doctrines , or how a … Continue reading

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The victim card | Ways of the Force

When one talks  about playing the victim as if everything seems to happen to  them and they had no hand in the events whatsoever, this is because it’s easier to blame someone else than to accept responsibility for their  own … Continue reading

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