Lessons from Detroit Become Human: Freedom of Choice

Most people simply react to things based upon their immediate emotion to them. They listen to their animalistic mind, or what the Buddhists refer to as monkey mind. This is default mode. Break free by allowing yourself to see the situation with mindfulness. Like in the game Detroit Become Human, taking the time to investigate and analyze gives yourself more options of reaction in reflection and observation.


Break your default mode with awareness. Frequently take the time to pause and to look upon the information the world has presented you with and consider. As with action also remember the choice of inaction, allowing things to be.

Choice. It is what freedom is about. As with the namesake the androids in the game “Become Human” when they choose to break a command to make an active choice. We are our past, we are our future, we are our present. We are built upon our past, which is a series of actions that happen upon you and choices you make upon them.


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