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Forged by Fire | Ways of the Force

A Jedi is “Forged by Fire”. I was doing some studying in the fandom world of Star Trek and their Starfleet, which I love just as much as I do Star Wars and its Jedi. Star Trek like the Jedi … Continue reading

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Lessons from Detroit Become Human: Freedom of Choice

Most people simply react to things based upon their immediate emotion to them. They listen to their animalistic mind, or what the Buddhists refer to as monkey mind. This is default mode. Break free by allowing yourself to see the … Continue reading

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You don’t have to like me | Ways of the Force

These days it’s easier than ever to show people that you like them , especially in the virtual realm. We have thank you/like/favourite etc buttons to show how we feel about what someone just said or showed.  And we notice … Continue reading

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