In memoriam : Knight Senan

By Wescli Wardest , Knight Commander at Monastic Order of Knights

Ever so rarely does one come across an individual that embodies something.  Something good, something we all want to be more like… that was Senan.

Steven Jeffrey Hay (aka Senan), born the third of June in the year 1979, passed away last week. He is survived by his wife and family.He was a Knight at Temple of the Jedi Order and sat on the Council there. He was the first Knight at the Monastic Order of Knights, the Chief Membership Officer, a Small Council member but more than any of that, he was my friend…

Senan  was one of our founding members of Monastic order of Knights.. He is responsible for most of the art on the site and helped create doctrine and policy. He was a good friend to many people and helped encourage others. He was one of the strongest people I knew. And I know several people that he reached out to who were struggling with cancer, either their own or someone they knew and loved, and helped them deal with the turmoil, confusion, uncertainty and fear that comes with it.

When I received the phone call informing me of Senan’s passing I thought back to all the fun we had together. The conversations, the jokes, and his willingness to help people, all the lives he touched and the things we built together. I remembered Skyping with him as he went through the different stages of cancer and the different options that were available to him. And most importantly I remembered how upbeat and full of hope he was even with death staring him in the face.  I somehow always imagined he would beat it and we would spend years and years together building the Order together. So I was a bit taken by surprise when I heard the news.

When I thought about his family and the pain they must endure at the passing of such a man, I wept. There are no words I have that can comfort his grieving widow or make their loss understandable. The pain and emptiness they endure right now is without measure. I am saddened that I will not see him again on this earth and lament his passing. I pray for his family and loved ones that the suffering they bear may be lessened in the days to come and eventually they will be able to have some kind of normalcy in their lives.

A Knight is sworn to valour.

The Knight’s heart knows only virtue.

The Knight’s word speaks only truth.

The Knight’s courage gives hope to the despairing.

The Knight’s blade defends the helpless.

The Knight’s Shield shelters the forsaken.

The Knight’s actions brings justice.

The Knight’s image brings peace.

The Knight’s code breaks darkness.

His sword is now sheathed and his shield rests at his side.  His word will no longer be heard by ears nor will his image enter the room.  But his virtue, courage and actions in life have left a legacy for other to aspire to.

He will be remembered and will always have an honored place amongst us…


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