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kyrinThese days it’s easier than ever to show people that you like them , especially in the virtual realm. We have thank you/like/favourite etc buttons to show how we feel about what someone just said or showed.  And we notice that if we post something and we get a lot of likes that we feel confirmed in what we say and we are prone to being addicted to agreement in a way that some even get aggressive if you don’t agree with them. Now what has this to do with being liked you may think. A lot more than you think.

They both have to do with worrying too much how others think of you and your ideas , whether that is in real life or online. Spending time worrying about being liked or wanting people to agree with you damages your ability to connect authentically to others.  In your urge to please others or being “different ” you lose a part of yourself. You give up your authenticity to be liked , or respected.

Worrying about what other people think of you has never lead to control another person’s thoughts or feelings either so it’s really very uneffective , time consuming and draining. Its very tempting to sway with every opinion , but this way you let other people decide what you think and live as a price for being liked or respected. When you’re too worried about being liked, you tend to base decisions on what you perceive is wanted from you, instead of what how you really want to proceed, losing yourself in the proces.  

As Jedi we aspire to be of service , to understand , but  you focus your attention outside of yourself to much you’re giving your power away, this will in time paralyze you to make a real difference , you rely too much of what others think of you and and disabled yourself. You need to be focussed on your tasks , you need a present mind that is not distracted by the fluff of others. Being of service is not about being popular, it’s about well , being of service.  If you are in a place where nobody likes you btw you are probably in the wrong place, there is no shame in moving where you are wanted and appreciated. Kindness is key , sometimes a place just is not for you.

As Jedi you should be more concerned about what you are thinking than what others think about you. You should focus on building your own confidence, developing your unique strengths and gifts and your connection to the Force.

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