How to create your own meditation space

If you have no meditation space you can lay down in your bed and meditate. Sometimes the best decoration around you is nature itself. If you can get to a park or somewhere near water it can be very serene. You can even take trinkets with you. Make a small or large meditation area in your house. In Asia many alters have living plants and fruits to value the present living.
● Fruit, plants, water
● Buddha or other statutes
● Crystals and rocks
● Incense & holder
● Candles
● Meditation beads
Be mindful of how you sit. Be sure to be comfortable there are many ways to sit in meditation. You can also walk in meditation when you are in nature. Breathe in, what we are trying to do is forget everything, forget who you are, focus on peace. Allow the thoughts in your mind to flow and leave pay no mind to them. Detach from your front mind. Focus on peace.  You don’t NEED trinkets and statues in order to meditate. Having a space for yourself to meditate creates a space in your life to remind yourself to meditate. Breathe in. We focus on breathing because it is a way to control a conscious, yet also subconscious act. We are trying to forget let go. You can meditate with anything that you want, and it can become special for you.
Different people have different affinities to what they are drawn to. Some are drawn to earth others to fire, some to water. It is also good to remember the elements. Also the Chinese elements are like a metal pot steaming water. You have wood, fire, air, metal, earth. Do what you are drawn to. Make room for a meditation space in your life.
Remember that meditation itself is the key. Peace be with you.
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4 Responses to How to create your own meditation space

  1. Serenity says:

    I like it a lot , i have been thinking of creating my own little retreat 🙂

  2. Therrien Xavier says:

    Very awesome I have my own Jedi Sacred space of my own.

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