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padawan_tarren_meditating_on_tython_by_master_weilar_tarren-da8mxebAs Jedi , we do the best we can , we try to excel in the things we do , we study we practice so why then is it so hard to keep our eye on the ball , why do we get lost in drama and politics? I spent some time meditating and then i realised , i am able to meditate , not because that naturally came to me , but , because i focussed on the goal of meditation and the benefits it has brought me since. To have this me time, to recharge. Focus is a pass in all kinds of thinking, including perception, memory, learning, reasoning and decision-making. Most activities are central to everything we do in life, regardless of whether it is academics, work or daily life, focus plays an important role in achieving progress.  It’s very probable without focus, you will be unable to understand or explain why one thing leads to another. So focus is a quality important for selecting, collecting and interpreting the necessary information central to what we do and to what we want to achieve.

How can we train ourselves to Focus better?

Well first of all we have to eliminate the cause of what is distracting us from our goal , understand what distracts us and then devote time  to diminishing the distractor. When you learn this skill you learn to get rid of distractors before you start new tasks , and it does not matter if those tasks are being nice to the neighbour or , starting a new workout schedule. You will see you are better prepared and organized

The next issue is the issue of Social Media , dare to unplug yourself , turn to real life so to say. I am not criticizing social media as i use them as well to stay in touch and express myself but i also believe in balance and being on Social Media 24/7 cannot be good for your focus. It is important to pause from technology and social media. One of the advantages of a pause is focus.

Boundaries are important as well , as is said in the above , distractions like Social media can occur in real life as well , It can be difficult to focus on something when you are around other people or when people distract you with conversation. You will have to be clear about your boundaries and have time by yourself to complete your tasks.

The next and last  tip i can give you is my all time favourite : Create a space for yourself

It is important not only to isolate yourself from people and get rid of  distractors , but also to be comfortable when you are doing something important. A place where you can be undisturbed can be hard to find , but they are there , library , attic , even a pub can do…As i am writing this i am listening to music , i find it soothing and everything but distracting. It relaxes me , and motivates. It helps me focus.

As you can see excellence in anything can be achieved through a mixture of features, Focus , determination, a positive attitude and a lot of hard work. Thank you Reacher for the inspiration 😉 

Art :  by Master-Weilar-Tarren Padawan-Tarren-meditating-on-Tython




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