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fell a victim by dj HazeWhen one talks  about playing the victim as if everything seems to happen to  them and they had no hand in the events whatsoever, this is because it’s easier to blame someone else than to accept responsibility for their  own actions. So it’s an easy way out to play the victim card. In general victims, like abuse victims, will be hesitant to play this card because they don’t like what it says about them and how people react to it , they fear being blamed for what happened themselves. It takes a lot of discernment to figure out if someone is a legitimate victim or just playing the victim card that is why i am trying to describe as honestly as i can about this problem which seems to occur in the Jedi community even , people not taking responsibility and blame it all on others or their disabilities and restrictions in life. I know i have been guilty of feeling sorry for myself lately being beaten , rejected and feeling unwanted but there is a difference in feeling sorry for yourself and playing the victim card over and over again.

It’s easier to say “well I was depressed”to explain aloof behaviour  than to own up to the depression and deal with it and fight through it. A lot of people would rather blame others or blame their mental illness than deal with their own issues and the consequences of them. It’s a very unhealthy way of dealing with life’s issues that usually begins at a very young age and becomes a passive (agressive?) survival strategy.

Growing up in a dysfunctional family i can see how tempting it is to play the victim card , i see family members play that card over and over again , they excel at it , as they excel in ignoring my appeals to them to grow up and take responsibility of their own lifes. I try to show empathy as i know that they are stuck in this way of thinking and that it’s hard for them to let go and take control of their lives.  But to be brutally honest , i did not expect to see this in the Jedi community. And it seems to be thriving as well and that worries me.

As Jedi we are geeks that like to save the world , we stand up for the weak and defend the helpless , we move unhindered by what other people think of us , we make videos , write blogs to inspire others , we move freely and work on our disabilities , we face our dragons and demons so we can help others face theirs , we cry , get angry , fall down , feel sorry , whine and we get up again. We are the voice of reason within a very fickle and mentally unstable world. Some create websites , teach others , build an empire of Jedi out to Serve …Servizio, Cura, Rispetto

People with a victim identity are unbecoming as Jedi, they take themselves and their restrictions very seriously , and sometimes i understand that , i want to escape my responsibilities regularly. The things that people with a victim identity tell themselves are rigid and they restrict their growth even more , they don’t reach for the stars and excell , and the dangerous thing is , they blame you if you do. More than once i have been told not to expect others to live up to my Jedi standards and their resentment seeped through their words. It’s never their fault when they fail. But that will never stop me from helping by kicking some ass and telling you to reach for the stars and start taking responsibility for your own life.


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    So much truth… good stuff 😉

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